Print on wood. Comes ready to hang & signed! Sizes vary. See below!

Terrapin T-Time 1.5”x2.75”
Night on Ponce 1.5”x2.75”
Pometheus 1.75”x2.75”
Sweetwater IPA 1.5”x2.75”
Atalanta 1.5”x2.75”
Basement IPA 1.5”x2.75”
Eventide the “A” 1.5”x2.75”
Southern Bel’ 1.5”x2.75”
Drafty Kilt 1.25”x2.75”
Hoplanta 1.5”x2.75”
Elusory IPA 1.5”x2.75”
Kolsch 1.5”x2.75”
Life. Death. Life. 1.5”x2.75”
Dr. Robot 1.75”x2.5”
Nothing Left to Give 1.5”x2.75”
Eventide Pale Ale 1.5”x2.75”

Georgia Beer Magnets